December 4, 2008

my colors are blush and bashful (if bashful is green)

this blog is in need of some pictures. so, here are some to remind you of what i want my wedding to look like. to recap:

you'll receive an invitation that is reminiscent of this awesome calligraphy design
slash this layout
you will look something like this, but with better flowers (you have such a pretty smile)
and be preceded by the two cutest girls in the whole world (who just happen to be related to me), looking something like this adorable picture from my photographer's blog
then i'll get married to the most fantastic guy eva, but he's not so fantastic as to have decided what he wants his groomsmen to wear (other than a tux), so no picture to illustrate what we'll find at the end of the aisle.

afterwards here's how we'll all look together, walking across the golf course at the country club to the reception (victoria just told a funny joke and kate's laughing and madge is admiring me and mandy's rill blonde)
there will be pretty lighting
and lush greenery
and lovely flowers
and things that look like this

and tasty cake, which we'll cut in the very spot that this couple i don't know but found on a photographer's website and had their reception at chickasaw did (and i may steal their candles-on-the-mantle idea)
and captain fantastic will probably make me drive off in his '68 winnebago, at which time we'll embark on a fabulous honeymoon to some gorgeous beach and return to be the cutest, littlest, most dog-obsessed married couple you know. sound good?

i think so.

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Masey said...

I think you forgot to show us stubbling around in that 1 hr later pic.... let's be serious there better be good champagne.... also don't you dare got Nashville before I get home and meet you there!!!!!!!!!!!