August 17, 2009

the next chapter

July 14, 2009


all of the professional photos are posted! they are handily sorted into categories like getting ready, bride and groom, reception, photobooth, etc - easy peasey to navigate. check it out, yo. right here.

i wish josh malahy would adopt me. ps.

July 11, 2009

bridesmaid gifts

early in the planning process, i fell in love with this wedding from martha stewart weddings magazine. loved everything about it. especially loved this:

the bride had clutches made for each of her bridesmaids from fabric that matched each girl's personality. FABULOUS! had to do it. except i had to do it myself. obviously. nevermind that i hadn't touched a sewing machine since i made a felt pillow for my american girl doll circa 1992. game on. so i borrowed my mother-in-law's machine, set up shop in the guest room and started trolling the interweb for patterns. and came up empty. i had a specific vision, as usual, and couldn't find a pattern in any store or any website. i did find a pattern for a big shoulder-strap purse that i liked. so, with my extensive years of seamstressy knowledge (not) i set about modifying it. from a giant shoulder-strap purse. into a clutch. by myself. so i could make 10 of them. oh and i didn't actually start until may. i told you you'd roll your eyes at me.

but it worked! after 2 prototypes, i settled on my design. then i cut out a bazillion pattern pieces of fabric and lining, like so:

and ironed interfacing onto the linings:

and accidentally burned the bejezus out of my hand when i picked up the hot iron sideways and spilled scalding steam water....

and pleated the outside fabric and sewed it all together:

and made pockets with little tags that i had made on etsy from my silhouette:

and cut and cut and ironed and ironed and sewed and sewed until my little fingers about fell off

and ta-da!

not perfect, but i think they turned out pretty decent :)

July 10, 2009

friday: bridesmaid luncheon and rehearsal dinner

these events deserve separate posts. really, they do. but that would require me having pictures from the bridesmaid luncheon, which i do not. can you believe? i know. if anyone out there reading this has any, please email asap. until then, combo post it is.

so bridesmaid luncheon. hosted by aunt joanie and godmother linda, most definitely two of my favorite people on this planet. aunt joanie does things like assemble a ridiculously clever scrapbook of my then-boyfriend on his first hargrove family fun trip to the redneck riviera (ie orange beach, al) and mail it to him within the week. this is after she and mom emergency hemmed his new seersucker suit on the condo balcony the night before we returned home for a wedding, using nothing but a spool of thread and corsage pins scavenged from the grocery store across the street. then there's linda, mom's bff since the tween years, whose house is like a b&b run by martha herself, if martha were awesome instead of crazy. she also consistently wins the "christmas gift i can't wait to open" award for having awesome taste. probably the nicest, most creative ladies you could ever hope to meet.


they hosted the bridesmaid luncheon at the club, complete with mimosas, chocolate lava cake, pink tissue paper topiaries and pink & green napkins monogrammed with an S. so fab. shame i was too busy being "the bride" to take any pictures. what i do have pictures of are the gifts i made for my bridesmaids. you may recall previous mentions of ridiculous top-secret diy projects or sweat-shop style wedding slavery weekends. that was in reference to the bridesmaids gifts. which you can hear about in my next post. heh heh. until then, here's a teaser...

hint: it's not the bouquet.

so rehearsal dinner. hosted in-laws, surprisingly enough. held at jarrett's restaurant. ridiculously delicious food, friendly staff, gorgeous art-gallery-style collection displayed throughout, fabulous centerpieces picked by mom stone. and lots of wine. this becomes key as the evening progresses. but first, the toasts.

someone was reading this blog. and by someone, i mean everyone. embarrassing. i know this because it was mentioned by pretty much every toast made and guest hugged that evening. but we got some sweet accessories out of it:

thanks, dad. my family has a chef hat tradition.

both daddies gave their toasts, which were sweet, funny and meaningful. for some reason, i was extremely nervous about them. i had to tap my foot the whole time to keep from passing out. i was just in a glass case of emotion all weekend, or something like that. the best man and matron of honor toasted us as well, both very well-spokenly, and i wish i had a video of them so i could remember exactly what everyone said. glass case of emotion, recall. my personal fave (maybe because i DO have a video to remember it) was a video/picture slideshow put together by my insanely talented baby brother. he made an adorable and hilarious tribute out of pictures of both me and the captain growing up, pictures of us together, pictures of us with our dogs (duh), pictures of me with the bridesmaids and video footage of me crawling around nekkid and saying my abcs and stuff. so, so super cute. i cried. maybe someday i'll figure out how to post it here for all to enjoy. or maybe i'll just get that insanely talented baby brother to do it for me. did i mention how handsome he is?

we were also toasted by the collective bridesmaids and the collective groomsmen.

the ladies took turns reading lines from a poem about my long lost loves. those of the posted-on-my-tiger-beat-tribute-wall-in-middle-school variety. then they performed the official ec4eva husband induction ceremony for the second inductee by presenting him with his own, manly version of the tiffany necklace we all bought senior year of high school as a symbol of our undying love for each other:

my favorite thing about this picture is my in-laws in the background. and here is the groom with his new bling:

and it was all downhill from there. i'd like to take this opportunity to share with you the groomsmen:

aren't they sweet? and the bridesmaids:

also sweet. deceptive. at the rehearsal, the dean of the cathedral, who was the homilist for the ceremony, made a special note to remind the groomsmen that they should behave themselves that evening and that a wedding is about being filled with the holy spirit, not a whole lotta spirits. they listened. the bishop, who performed the ceremony, stepped in to add that the bridesmaids should pay attention too. they didn't. they're obviously going to hell. exhibit a:

cute hair accessories? nope. dismantled centerpieces. exhibit b:

decorative moss stones? nope. add spoons and you have rocket launchers. which brings us to exhibit c:

and exhibit d:

which is pretty hilarious. i obviously wasn't actually getting mad at them. but this expression is pretty priceless. i think it's the only bridezillaesque moment captured on film all weekend.

perhaps my biggest regret of the weekend was that i had to go home and get some sleep after this, so i missed accompanying the bridal party to a karaokee bar for the rest of the evening. regardless, the day before my wedding was wonderful and memorable!!! much love to all involved!

July 3, 2009

thursday night: cocktails and bachelorette

i'm not feeling very clever today due to a COLD in JULY (lame), so i'm just going to list the facts and share some pictures. here's what went down: thursday night, there was a cocktail party hosted by bridesmaid madge and her family at their fab house. we had a wonderful time, and i didn't get to eat because i was talking so much (this becomes a running theme).

tada, my cute dress from here and cute shoes from here (plus a random flower clip i added that i can't decide if i like or not but it's too late now huh):

my cute mama:

my matron of honor, my aunt tanya and my aunt joan aka mastermind of cute crafts/motivator extraordinare/part of the wedding decorating dream team:

a portion of the 'maids (including hostess madge, the tall one):

i hear this guy was there too (this is the only photographic evidence):

most of the crew had arrived at this point, so we followed the cocktails with a bachelorette extravaganza in the form of games, panties, cupcakes and champagne at a slumber party in my old room at my parents' house. it was super fun. definitely the best gift was a thong in the shape of an elephant. with a trunk. for the groom. that one made the whole room cry from hysterics. even mom. the giver of the gift (louise, duh) was also the winner of the "how well do you know the bride" trivia challenge. coincidence?

here we are piled on the bed:

if you've spent time in my old room before, you're probably confused. it has since been repainted and restaged for house-selling purposes, so it is a mere shadow of its former glory. i digress. here are some ladies from a different vantage point (including our farthest travellers, from california, colorado and new mexico!):

this is not the elephant, but it's pretty scandalous nonetheless, and what's a bachelorette posting without scandal?

this is me with my "panty line," which includes undies for each stage of our relationship, from the wedding to the first valentine's day to baby-making to the retirement home:

we also played with make-up, which was not photodocumented. i had the best time ever with my girls; the party was totally "me." many, many thanks to moh (matron of honor) and aob (aunt of bride) for all the thought and effort that went into planning the games, gathering supplies, personalizing champange glass favors and wrapping chocolate bars in pink paisley paper :) we had a ton of fun (and a ton of cupcakes and champange). but apparently not as much fun as the groom...

stay tuned for the next installment, "the rehearsal dinner." also known as "the night the bridesmaids were far more inappropriate than the groomsmen." you go girls.

June 29, 2009

mrs fantastic

apparently, that's my new name. i won't complain.

so we got married n' stuff. it was the most fun week and a half of my entire life, and it went by far too quickly. every idea that i blogged about and obsessed over came to life in an even more fabulous way than i could have every imagined, thanks to my wonderful wonderful wonderful mom, dad, aunt joan, godmother linda, friend lucy, aunts tanya and carol, bridesmaid louise's mom, and many many others. a huge THANK YOU to those who slaved for hours making bows for topiaries and risked their lives to hang paper lanterns from a giant ladder. many thanks also to my amazing (i'm running out of superlatives here) bridesmaids, each of whom made the whole experience enjoyable in her own way, from doing my makeup to fetching my water to bustling my train to readjusting my veil to initiating a decorative-rocks-cum-rocket-launchers initiative at the rehearsal dinner (aehm) etc and so forth - too many ways to count. my only regret is that i didn't get to spend more quality time with each person. there were so many friends and loved ones, many of whom travelled great distances, and i hated that we only had a few minutes to visit with each one. but it was so wonderful to have each of them there.

but i'll let the initial teaser photos from the fabulous josh (and maribeth!) malahy do the talking. click on the pictures below to see the blog post. more deets to follow soon, pinkie promise.

the wedding and reception

the photobooth

June 20, 2009


hi. remember me? i used to blog about my wedding. that's before my wedding was t-minus a week or two away and i had to actually DO my wedding instead of TYPE my wedding.

now, it's t-minus 6 hours away. aaaaaaaaaaand i might vom.

my nails are done, my rings are sparkly clean, my hair and makeup are about to get did, and the reception decorations i dreamed up over the past 10 months are even more fabulous in reality than they ever were in my head. i've been enjoying the best week of my life with my amazing family and friends, many of whom traveled from all over the country earlier this week to help me prepare and celebrate. i don't have a picture to go with this post (since my camera cord is at the groom's house = off limits) but i would like to give a huge shout out to EVERYONE who has helped me in this process, from my parents, aunts and godmothers who have slaved over projects all week slash year to every blog reader who has ever left a comment or been entertained by a post and everyone in between. i love you all!

let's go get married!!!!

June 12, 2009

8 days...

bridesmaid kate just pointed out that my wedding is so close, it's visible on the 10-day forecast.

sunny and 93 degrees.

i can handle a weekend of thunderstorms, if a sunshiny wedding is my reward. sweet.

probably bring one of those electric fans with a water bottle sprayer attached though.

June 10, 2009

honeymoonlighting a fisherwoman? perhaps not.

here is captain fantastic's friend, ben. ben is an avid flyfisherman, just like the captain. ben told the captain about this awesome place in belize that would be perfect for a honeymoon. it also happens to be perfect this:

coincidence? no.

what even is that fish? call me once it's on a plate, minus eyeballs and plus a delicious butter sauce. until then, i'll be at the spa. thanks. 11 days

(the spa, not the wedding. that's in 10.)

June 8, 2009

12 steps

the first step in the my-wedding-is-in-12-days 12-step program is to admit that i have a problem. so, here goes...i am a wedding blog addict. there. i said it. phew.

the second step to recovery, i must admit, gave me a bit of a panic attack after i did it. me pretty...from my google reader. yes. i did. and i'm not even going to link to it in this post. we're at the point where the decisions have all been made, the supplies and flowers have all been ordered, there's no turning back from my plan. so i had to rid myself of the dozens of fabulously inspiring posts every day. and it hurt a little. i also unsubscribed to approximately 10 of i-won't-admit-how-many-other wedding blogs. the plan is to wean myself off of them over the next few days until the only ones left are courtney's (because i actually know her in real life) and ema.leigh's (because she's a follower, and that makes me super excited, therefore i want to see her wedding this fall). oh and this guy gets to stick around too. he's my fave. but after that no. more. wedding. blogs.

in real-life wedding news, the captain had a fabulous bachelor party weekend and returned home alive, not even sunburned, though less one wallet and one sonic toothbrush. i literally spent my every waking moment laboring over wedding projects all sweatshop-style, which was actually kinda fun, and i now feel extremely much better that i've accomplished so much.

and in an exciting turn of events, whilst trying on my wedding dress for the final time on saturday, i boldly discarded the fancy veil i bought with it and decided to wear the same veil my mama wore in my parents' wedding! i'm really excited about it. i'd been feeling buyer's remorse over the dress i purchased, and this was just the thing to get me all excited again. i've posted this picture before, but here's a look at mom sporting the veil:

before you raise an eyebrow, let me explain that we are refashioning the headpiece (earmuffs?) into a small clip. no worries. so let's just go ahead and check "old" (no offense, ma) and "borrowed" off my rapidly-dwindling to-do list, shall we? sweet.

June 5, 2009

two weeks

two weeks from tomorrow, i will get married. two weeks from tomorrow, ten months of dreaming and planning and crafting and sewing and gluing and cutting and shopping and crying and celebrating and learning and stressing will come to fruition as My Wedding Day. i think my feelings can best be summed up in the eloquent words of macauly culkin:


captain fantastic is on his way to a weekend of sun and bachelor party fun at the lake with a dozen of his buddies. i am sitting in my office, alone because everyone else is out, plotting my weekend of wedding diy slavery. but, you know, that's cool.

actually, things are falling into place really well. i can't wait to see my vision come to life. i can't wait to marry the most awesome guy in the world. i can't wait to celebrate with my family and friends. good thing i barely have to wait at all...

June 3, 2009

sweet victory

today is a momentous day. it shall forever go down in history as the day i conquered photoshop. or at least the day i managed to move stuff around in photoshop without going all office-space on my laptop. tears of joy swell in my tired eyes as the drumroll builds and i present....

voila! this is going to show up somewhere awesome, but i'm not telling where.

June 2, 2009

someone please restrict my internet access i quit coming up with new ideas. the wedding is in 18 days, people. this is ridiculous.

but wouldn't this make the best addition to the decor? full of and surrounded by candles? as centerpieces on some of the smaller tables?

and also, this is what i was envisioning in the bridesmaids-bouquets-cum-centerpieces brainstorm:

good idea? or are you on your way to confiscate my computer? i'll be the one in the fetal position, whimpering under my desk.

May 29, 2009

new career path?

perhaps not. but i don't think i did too shabby a job at crafting sample bouquets last night. exhibit a:

full-grown white and baby green hydrangeas + hypernicum berries = simple and lovely. if you ask me. which you pretty much did, seeing as how you're reading my blog and all.

here's what the whole ensemble will look like. exhibit b:

i think it's pretty neat. it's even neater in person. trust.

for my bouquet, i'm thinking i want the same thing, but with a bunch of deep pink roses interspersed. i may even nix the green hydrangea from the bridesmaids' bouquets and just go white + berries, then have white + berries + green + roses in mine. the bridesmaids have already got a lotta color going on up in here. (ps i think the plaid ribbon is FAB)

and howsabout this idea: at the reception, the bigger tables will sport the topiary centerpieces. for the smaller tables, i was thinking a glass container with a few flowers and a bunch of candles. what if...these containers held the bridesmaids' bouquets? instead of the cake table holding the bridesmaids' bouquets? like each of the small centerpieces holds, say, a single white hydrangea, and when the bridal party arrives, each girl adds her bouquet to the mix? i heart multitasking.

i am getting ready to type up and sketch out a comprehensive opus slash architectural rendering of my vision for ceremony and reception decorations. i don't think i'll share it here though. a girl has to keep a little mystery, right?

May 27, 2009

solution the great lantern conundrum. behold:

18" of paper mache celestial loveliness. and it just so happens to be the same as the 2" stars we got at hobby lobby for the baby's breath garland idea. which, you know, promotes unity and branding and cohesion etc and so forth. i'd like to hang some of these with the round paper lanterns that are en route to my house from an asian import company as we speak. or type and read, as the case may be.

then there is this:

which is the same thing in garland form and could be used with the baby's breath garland instead of the individual stars, which could then be strewn about the rest of the decorations. for more cohesion. and for clarification, i'm thinking more martha-stewart-meets-country-living-chic, less 14-yr-old-tie-dye-and-lava-lamp celestial here. yes?

then again, i could collect a bunch of magnolia leaves from various parks and yards and craft them into something like this

instead of the baby's breath. this could also be draped around the cake table like so

and around the candles on the mantle like such

but with less of a yuletide flair. yay or nay?

May 22, 2009

bridal shower extravaganza!

if bridal showers were like actual showers, i'd be pretty clean this week.

first, three bridesmaids and their moms hosted a shower for bridesmaids + moms + female relatives at the inn at hunt phelan, which was FAB. you know i mean it, because i hardly ever use capital letters. this is me with the hostesses (and louise, she just likes to have her picture taken):

no, i don't know what possessed me to stand like that. thanks for making fun of me though.

here i am eating brunch with my future-sister-in-law. i like this picture because it is a good example of why people always tell us we look alike:

here are the prettiest flowers ever in the world of all time:

and here they are again. oh, and my godmother and mom and me too:

today, my coworkers hosted a shower for me at the office. mom & captain fantastic were invited. it was one of the best days of work ever, because i got to drink wine at noon and spend the afternoon giving everyone a facebook and blogging tutorial. no really. and i'd been planning that for weeks.

here's my boss surveying the table of delicious food prepared by his son's catering company and pretty flowers cut from his wife's garden. you probably can't see the purple shirt from here, but he's kind of a big deal. i feel like since the bishop prays over my staff meetings and bridal showers, maybe jesus doesn't mind that i sometimes skip church for two or eleven weeks in a row.

here the captain and i enjoy noontime glasses of wine with another bishop, this time in oil-painting form:

my mom gave us these cute mugs that say "i do" and "me too." the captain will probably drink coffee from his. i will definitely eat ice cream from mine.

i like this picture of us opening the awesome food processor from my coworkers because look how excited captain fantastic is. he probably thinks this will encourage my new found desire to bake, and then he'll get cookies all the time. perhaps...

i'd also like to give a shout-out to our first shower-type activity. two bridesmaids hosted a cocktail party for bridesmaids + groomsmen + parents a few days before christmas, and it was a really good time. you want to see pictures? i thought so.

here i am with the hostesses (this time louise actually belonged in the picture):

and here i am with the captain back when he had his handsome seasonal beard:

and here i am with my dad and his favorite rubber santa bolo tie (that's where i get my festiveness):

apparently, at that party i only wanted pictures of myself. there were also guests, drinks, food and prezzies.

being engaged is pretty awesome. people are always really excited for you, and friends and family make such generous showings of love and support. it's really humbling and really wonderful. thank you all so very much!