December 23, 2008

and the winner is...

simple silhouettes "aster" in watermelon with a pear sash. ta-da!!!

this ended up being by far the cutest in person, and it was adorable and flattering on all three of the maids who accompanied me (though we did not try out the above pose). the pleated neckline is a cute detail that will allow my ladies to avoid the hassles of strapless bras and dress-adjusting fidgetyness. prepare to dance-party like it's 2009 with wild abandon and no wardrobe concerns! AND ALSO, it is super precious with my beloved sash (cue adorable picture we'll be taking), and everyone seems to be excited about it. FABULOUS!

many thanks to catherine, victoria and masey (as well as my mama and godmother) for taking a 6-hour-round-trip drive with me yesterday in pursuit of this dress. i had a fabulous time and very much appreciate your attendance and willingness to let me dress you multiple times and look you up and down (and sideways and backwards) for several hours. much love!!!

you can check this mamma-jamma off my to-do list. praise baby jesus in the manger (on thursday).


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tricia said...

the possible cuteness of this dress is completely lost on this weird lady's awkward pose. wth?!?! quick question: why did you have to drive to NASHVILLE to find a bm dress?