July 10, 2009

friday: bridesmaid luncheon and rehearsal dinner

these events deserve separate posts. really, they do. but that would require me having pictures from the bridesmaid luncheon, which i do not. can you believe? i know. if anyone out there reading this has any, please email asap. until then, combo post it is.

so bridesmaid luncheon. hosted by aunt joanie and godmother linda, most definitely two of my favorite people on this planet. aunt joanie does things like assemble a ridiculously clever scrapbook of my then-boyfriend on his first hargrove family fun trip to the redneck riviera (ie orange beach, al) and mail it to him within the week. this is after she and mom emergency hemmed his new seersucker suit on the condo balcony the night before we returned home for a wedding, using nothing but a spool of thread and corsage pins scavenged from the grocery store across the street. then there's linda, mom's bff since the tween years, whose house is like a b&b run by martha herself, if martha were awesome instead of crazy. she also consistently wins the "christmas gift i can't wait to open" award for having awesome taste. probably the nicest, most creative ladies you could ever hope to meet.


they hosted the bridesmaid luncheon at the club, complete with mimosas, chocolate lava cake, pink tissue paper topiaries and pink & green napkins monogrammed with an S. so fab. shame i was too busy being "the bride" to take any pictures. what i do have pictures of are the gifts i made for my bridesmaids. you may recall previous mentions of ridiculous top-secret diy projects or sweat-shop style wedding slavery weekends. that was in reference to the bridesmaids gifts. which you can hear about in my next post. heh heh. until then, here's a teaser...

hint: it's not the bouquet.

so rehearsal dinner. hosted by...my in-laws, surprisingly enough. held at jarrett's restaurant. ridiculously delicious food, friendly staff, gorgeous art-gallery-style collection displayed throughout, fabulous centerpieces picked by mom stone. and lots of wine. this becomes key as the evening progresses. but first, the toasts.

someone was reading this blog. and by someone, i mean everyone. embarrassing. i know this because it was mentioned by pretty much every toast made and guest hugged that evening. but we got some sweet accessories out of it:

thanks, dad. my family has a chef hat tradition.

both daddies gave their toasts, which were sweet, funny and meaningful. for some reason, i was extremely nervous about them. i had to tap my foot the whole time to keep from passing out. i was just in a glass case of emotion all weekend, or something like that. the best man and matron of honor toasted us as well, both very well-spokenly, and i wish i had a video of them so i could remember exactly what everyone said. glass case of emotion, recall. my personal fave (maybe because i DO have a video to remember it) was a video/picture slideshow put together by my insanely talented baby brother. he made an adorable and hilarious tribute out of pictures of both me and the captain growing up, pictures of us together, pictures of us with our dogs (duh), pictures of me with the bridesmaids and video footage of me crawling around nekkid and saying my abcs and stuff. so, so super cute. i cried. maybe someday i'll figure out how to post it here for all to enjoy. or maybe i'll just get that insanely talented baby brother to do it for me. did i mention how handsome he is?

we were also toasted by the collective bridesmaids and the collective groomsmen.

the ladies took turns reading lines from a poem about my long lost loves. those of the posted-on-my-tiger-beat-tribute-wall-in-middle-school variety. then they performed the official ec4eva husband induction ceremony for the second inductee by presenting him with his own, manly version of the tiffany necklace we all bought senior year of high school as a symbol of our undying love for each other:

my favorite thing about this picture is my in-laws in the background. and here is the groom with his new bling:

and it was all downhill from there. i'd like to take this opportunity to share with you the groomsmen:

aren't they sweet? and the bridesmaids:

also sweet. deceptive. at the rehearsal, the dean of the cathedral, who was the homilist for the ceremony, made a special note to remind the groomsmen that they should behave themselves that evening and that a wedding is about being filled with the holy spirit, not a whole lotta spirits. they listened. the bishop, who performed the ceremony, stepped in to add that the bridesmaids should pay attention too. they didn't. they're obviously going to hell. exhibit a:

cute hair accessories? nope. dismantled centerpieces. exhibit b:

decorative moss stones? nope. add spoons and you have rocket launchers. which brings us to exhibit c:

and exhibit d:

which is pretty hilarious. i obviously wasn't actually getting mad at them. but this expression is pretty priceless. i think it's the only bridezillaesque moment captured on film all weekend.

perhaps my biggest regret of the weekend was that i had to go home and get some sleep after this, so i missed accompanying the bridal party to a karaokee bar for the rest of the evening. regardless, the day before my wedding was wonderful and memorable!!! much love to all involved!

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