July 3, 2009

thursday night: cocktails and bachelorette

i'm not feeling very clever today due to a COLD in JULY (lame), so i'm just going to list the facts and share some pictures. here's what went down: thursday night, there was a cocktail party hosted by bridesmaid madge and her family at their fab house. we had a wonderful time, and i didn't get to eat because i was talking so much (this becomes a running theme).

tada, my cute dress from here and cute shoes from here (plus a random flower clip i added that i can't decide if i like or not but it's too late now huh):

my cute mama:

my matron of honor, my aunt tanya and my aunt joan aka mastermind of cute crafts/motivator extraordinare/part of the wedding decorating dream team:

a portion of the 'maids (including hostess madge, the tall one):

i hear this guy was there too (this is the only photographic evidence):

most of the crew had arrived at this point, so we followed the cocktails with a bachelorette extravaganza in the form of games, panties, cupcakes and champagne at a slumber party in my old room at my parents' house. it was super fun. definitely the best gift was a thong in the shape of an elephant. with a trunk. for the groom. that one made the whole room cry from hysterics. even mom. the giver of the gift (louise, duh) was also the winner of the "how well do you know the bride" trivia challenge. coincidence?

here we are piled on the bed:

if you've spent time in my old room before, you're probably confused. it has since been repainted and restaged for house-selling purposes, so it is a mere shadow of its former glory. i digress. here are some ladies from a different vantage point (including our farthest travellers, from california, colorado and new mexico!):

this is not the elephant, but it's pretty scandalous nonetheless, and what's a bachelorette posting without scandal?

this is me with my "panty line," which includes undies for each stage of our relationship, from the wedding to the first valentine's day to baby-making to the retirement home:

we also played with make-up, which was not photodocumented. i had the best time ever with my girls; the party was totally "me." many, many thanks to moh (matron of honor) and aob (aunt of bride) for all the thought and effort that went into planning the games, gathering supplies, personalizing champange glass favors and wrapping chocolate bars in pink paisley paper :) we had a ton of fun (and a ton of cupcakes and champange). but apparently not as much fun as the groom...

stay tuned for the next installment, "the rehearsal dinner." also known as "the night the bridesmaids were far more inappropriate than the groomsmen." you go girls.

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