January 6, 2009

i rilly love...

paper products. a lot. i'm not a big flower girl. don't get me wrong, flowers are gorgeous, but bouquets and boutonnieres will likely be the extent of the flora at my wedding. i'm really digging creative paper items as decoration. for example:
i want to do something like this with some type of lanterns somewhere at the reception. i'm thinking behind the band, who will be up on a stage in front of big windows looking out onto the golf course. note to self: decide on band. or maybe these lanterns would make a fab backdrop for my ipod?
i think this is a really cool centerpiece, with tissue paper pomanders a la martha instead of floral ones. we don't really need such a tall, dramatic centerpiece anywhere, but this inspires me nonetheless. perhaps on a smaller scale, clustered on tables? or not.
i saw a similar centerpiece of sticks adorned with the above paper flowers, made by rolling up paper. how cute is that paper flower? very. and also easy to make. even for the uncraftiest of bridesmaids, so don't get an ideas about getting out of it.
these are just plain adorable. dunno what i'd use them for, but whatever it may be, it would be super cute. if that makes sense.

and finally, the creme de la creme of paper art, the coolest thing eva:
i mean, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. i forgot the name of the artist who makes these (it's been a long day), but i will figure it out and stalk her. also i could TOTALLY make something relatively as cool, as evidenced by the paper project in my college sculpture class being the only project my jerky professor gave me an A on all semester. apparently, paper is my medium.

any other cool paper products slash projects out there? do share.

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Louise said...

i thought of something for the paper flowers w/ the button. i dont know if this is what you were thinking, but they could be little nakin rings. i think they would be cute place holder things too. maybe coasters?