January 16, 2009

let's talk flowers

shall we? bouquets aren't the #1 most pressing issue at this moment, but they are the #1 thing i feel like talking about today.

flowers i like include peonies, hydrangeas, garden roses, ranunculus, anemones, dahlias...basically the big, fluffy ones. i'm also digging green hypernicum berries as an accent. i'm thinking that since the bridesmaids are wearing pink with green sashes, white flowers w/green accents would be good. i don't know though, because is that too boring? they'll totally be tied with some adorable pink & green ribbon (paisley? plaid? preppy stripes?) if that helps.

an even bigger conundrum is how i can't decide if i want to carry all-white myself, or if i want some pink in there. decisions, decisions. we all know they're not my strong suit. what is my strong suit is procrastination, so i'll do that right now by showing you some examples of bouquets j'adore. behold:
big and fluffy and cute ribbon? yes, please.
bigger and fluffier? that too. i'll take the boobs to fill out that gorgeous sweetheart neckline also. too bad they don't sell those wholesale.
i dislike the colors here, but i like the concept of filler-hydrangea.
pretty! i even like these tulips, and i don't-so-much love tulips.
i super love this - all in white or with some color. maybe some pink ranunculus and green roses?
here's an example of pink flowers for the bridesmaids (hold the gerber daisies). i just can't decide if that's too much pink or if white would be too boring. life is so hard.

what do we think?

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josh@jmalahy.com said...

I've seen quite a few white bouquets with green accents lately...very nice clean look. Personally though, I like color. I'm seeing you with varying shades of pink...monochromatic with really cool ribbon (stripes, paisley, etc.). From a photographic perspective, that would really pop against a white dress. Bridesmaids could have white with green accents, that would all tie in to your color scheme. Whew...maybe I'm in the wrong business!