February 4, 2009

invitetations remix

behold, a decision has been made. shocking, i know. my mom & i met with our invitation go-to lady recently and picked what i want to do. i'm commissioning a calligrapher to write the text of the invitation, which will then be printed en masse. they will look similar to this:

...but a bit less fancypants and a bit more legible. the monogram/silhouette/etc-on-top idea got the oust because a) we're going to include reception information on the bottom and it just won't fit b) a little bird named mom not-so-covertly suggested that the silhouette idea was tacky. boo. never fear, there will be silhouettes somewhere...just not in invitation or cookie form.

on friday, this lady shall lunch with her current and soon-to-be mothers to finalize guest lists and choose calligraphy. per invitation go-to lady, these babies must hit mailboxes the last week of april. eek! it's getting close! only about four and a half months now!!

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