June 29, 2009

mrs fantastic

apparently, that's my new name. i won't complain.

so we got married n' stuff. it was the most fun week and a half of my entire life, and it went by far too quickly. every idea that i blogged about and obsessed over came to life in an even more fabulous way than i could have every imagined, thanks to my wonderful wonderful wonderful mom, dad, aunt joan, godmother linda, friend lucy, aunts tanya and carol, bridesmaid louise's mom, and many many others. a huge THANK YOU to those who slaved for hours making bows for topiaries and risked their lives to hang paper lanterns from a giant ladder. many thanks also to my amazing (i'm running out of superlatives here) bridesmaids, each of whom made the whole experience enjoyable in her own way, from doing my makeup to fetching my water to bustling my train to readjusting my veil to initiating a decorative-rocks-cum-rocket-launchers initiative at the rehearsal dinner (aehm) etc and so forth - too many ways to count. my only regret is that i didn't get to spend more quality time with each person. there were so many friends and loved ones, many of whom travelled great distances, and i hated that we only had a few minutes to visit with each one. but it was so wonderful to have each of them there.

but i'll let the initial teaser photos from the fabulous josh (and maribeth!) malahy do the talking. click on the pictures below to see the blog post. more deets to follow soon, pinkie promise.

the wedding and reception

the photobooth


Masey said...

I love how only like 3 of us bridesmaids got the "it's a silly picture" memo.... or maybe we just missed the "it's a serious picture memo"... hmmmm either way--HA-larious

PS--I've been missing you for a week and a half... glad you had a wonderful honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

hip, hip, hooray!

la, everything looks so lovely (not the least of which, YOU!) I'm so thrilled for you that your vision came together, and most importantly, you said vows to the person you love most in the world with all the other people you love watching.

that's how it's 'sposed to be, right?

Courtney said...

your pictures are awesome, funny, and beautiful all at the same time! So jealous that you are married right now. . .