March 12, 2009

family ties

remember those personal touches i was talking about in the last post? here's one of them. my parents were married in the very same spot where we will be married, almost exactly 35 years before. their 35th anniversary is two days after our wedding. i love this coincidence. june 20th ended up being the first date between easter and forever when the stars of the cathedral's available dates, our bridal party's grad school exams, other friends' weddings and my brother's college graduation all aligned. perfect! and here they are...
adorable, i know.

something i did not know until recently is this coincidental personal touch: my mother's parents (on the right, grama's in the pink, poppie's looking handsome in his ascot) planned their 50th wedding anniversary party at chickasaw, where we are having our reception. sadly, poppie passed away two weeks before the party. i just love that our life together will begin in the place where two of my favorite people were planning to celebrate 50 years of their life together. it makes me get teary just thinking about it. even when i'm secret-renegade-blog-posting at work.

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