March 30, 2009

model for a day

this saturday is the big day....engagement photo shoot! let's cross our fingers for lovely weather, bathe those big dogs, scrub down that bago and hope for the best. shockingly enough, i have been agonizing over what to wear. i'm nervous, because whatever i look like on saturday will be permanently recorded for posterity. and i'm a freak who can't make decisions. but i'm thinking i have. howsabout this ensemble:

yes? i just have to pick a hairdo and learn how to apply makeup. no biggie...? now the captain has to make his difficult wardrobe decisions...polo or lacoste? khakis or jeans? being a boy is so hard.


elowman said...

You are beautiful and will look chic in whatever you choose...I just know it! :)

I'm so jealous of your willingness to put yellow shoes with a pink cardigan. I need your help!

maribeth said...

love, love, love the yellow shoes! i think you made good choices.