March 12, 2009

THAT's what i'm talkin about!

balls of moss! i want to create these, in various sizes, slide some on a stick in a pot, let others rest on the table and intersperse them with candles, kinda like so
now, DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO MAKE THEM??? i'm talking ball meets moss by way of glue gun or something, none of this spend-months-growing-and-shaping-live-plants biznaz. no thanks. please advise.

i think i'll fill my candle containers with STONES too, heh. and in a few of the vases, instead of candles i'll put these:
azaleas! both captain fantastic and i grew up with gardens full of these babies, and they happen to be totally in line with the color scheme for the wedding. it is important to me to incorporate a lot of personal touches throughout the day, and this is an unexpectedly perfect one. we'll also be using them in the bouquets, because did you know you can use azaleas in bouquets? i did not. but now i do. and i shall. a bunch of them together has that "big n fluffy" look i so love...sigh.

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catherine said...

azaleas! this is so memphis. i love it!