June 8, 2009

12 steps

the first step in the my-wedding-is-in-12-days 12-step program is to admit that i have a problem. so, here goes...i am a wedding blog addict. there. i said it. phew.

the second step to recovery, i must admit, gave me a bit of a panic attack after i did it. i...deleted...style me pretty...from my google reader. yes. i did. and i'm not even going to link to it in this post. we're at the point where the decisions have all been made, the supplies and flowers have all been ordered, there's no turning back from my plan. so i had to rid myself of the dozens of fabulously inspiring posts every day. and it hurt a little. i also unsubscribed to approximately 10 of i-won't-admit-how-many-other wedding blogs. the plan is to wean myself off of them over the next few days until the only ones left are courtney's (because i actually know her in real life) and ema.leigh's (because she's a follower, and that makes me super excited, therefore i want to see her wedding this fall). oh and this guy gets to stick around too. he's my fave. but after that no. more. wedding. blogs.

in real-life wedding news, the captain had a fabulous bachelor party weekend and returned home alive, not even sunburned, though less one wallet and one sonic toothbrush. i literally spent my every waking moment laboring over wedding projects all sweatshop-style, which was actually kinda fun, and i now feel extremely much better that i've accomplished so much.

and in an exciting turn of events, whilst trying on my wedding dress for the final time on saturday, i boldly discarded the fancy veil i bought with it and decided to wear the same veil my mama wore in my parents' wedding! i'm really excited about it. i'd been feeling buyer's remorse over the dress i purchased, and this was just the thing to get me all excited again. i've posted this picture before, but here's a look at mom sporting the veil:

before you raise an eyebrow, let me explain that we are refashioning the headpiece (earmuffs?) into a small clip. no worries. so let's just go ahead and check "old" (no offense, ma) and "borrowed" off my rapidly-dwindling to-do list, shall we? sweet.


Courtney said...

Seriously?? I am wearing my mother's veil as well, and it LOOKED strikingly similar to your mother's. We had it cut down into a small clip as well. I am also having the original veil removed and reapplied with velcro so I can just take the veil off after a bit at the reception but still have the vintage clip in my hair. Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

I love that you're wearing hers--I'm sure she loves that. omg you're getting married in 12 days! see, it's freaking me out and it's not even my wedding.

me said...

dying to know how the weaning is going! let me tell you a little secret, you can fill the void with home decor and crafting blogs after the honeymoon. that will most likely be your next obsession.

how sweet that you are wearing your mother's veil! aww!

ema.leigh said...

I made the cut!!! WOOOOO!!!! :) Thanks for the shout-out.

Can't wait to see pics of your wedding!! Good luck with the final details. :)

ps. so excited I made the cut!