June 5, 2009

two weeks

two weeks from tomorrow, i will get married. two weeks from tomorrow, ten months of dreaming and planning and crafting and sewing and gluing and cutting and shopping and crying and celebrating and learning and stressing will come to fruition as My Wedding Day. i think my feelings can best be summed up in the eloquent words of macauly culkin:


captain fantastic is on his way to a weekend of sun and bachelor party fun at the lake with a dozen of his buddies. i am sitting in my office, alone because everyone else is out, plotting my weekend of wedding diy slavery. but, you know, that's cool.

actually, things are falling into place really well. i can't wait to see my vision come to life. i can't wait to marry the most awesome guy in the world. i can't wait to celebrate with my family and friends. good thing i barely have to wait at all...

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Louise said...

YES! i cant wait!