June 2, 2009

someone please restrict my internet access

...so i quit coming up with new ideas. the wedding is in 18 days, people. this is ridiculous.

but wouldn't this make the best addition to the decor? full of and surrounded by candles? as centerpieces on some of the smaller tables?

and also, this is what i was envisioning in the bridesmaids-bouquets-cum-centerpieces brainstorm:

good idea? or are you on your way to confiscate my computer? i'll be the one in the fetal position, whimpering under my desk.


me said...

stop the insanity! there are seriously so many great ideas on the internet, i don't know how you are limiting yourself!

Courtney said...

Love the lanterns! I think they would be awesome centerpieces. Are you doing the flowers and decor yourself?