June 20, 2009


hi. remember me? i used to blog about my wedding. that's before my wedding was t-minus a week or two away and i had to actually DO my wedding instead of TYPE my wedding.

now, it's t-minus 6 hours away. aaaaaaaaaaand i might vom.

my nails are done, my rings are sparkly clean, my hair and makeup are about to get did, and the reception decorations i dreamed up over the past 10 months are even more fabulous in reality than they ever were in my head. i've been enjoying the best week of my life with my amazing family and friends, many of whom traveled from all over the country earlier this week to help me prepare and celebrate. i don't have a picture to go with this post (since my camera cord is at the groom's house = off limits) but i would like to give a huge shout out to EVERYONE who has helped me in this process, from my parents, aunts and godmothers who have slaved over projects all week slash year to every blog reader who has ever left a comment or been entertained by a post and everyone in between. i love you all!

let's go get married!!!!


ema.leigh said...

EEEEE!!!! CONGRATS!!! Hope today is amazing for you and you enjoy every second. You'd better come back with some advice for the big day!

me said...

it was beautiful! all of your ideas came together perfectly! thank you for allowing us to be part of your day!

tricia said...

everything was amazing, lala. i loved the chinese lantern balls & stars around the band & your silhouette on everything! so, so sweet & beautiful. we watched while y'all were taking your pics on the golf course & i loved that you got to do the bridesmaids/bouquets back shot - so cute. i think you're going to love that one. i have never seen someone put so many great ideas into one wedding - you really did your research. SO now let the real fun begin. let's get together soon, mrs. stone. xoxoxo, pht :)

Anonymous said...

It was the most beautiful, fun,joyous time ever. I would not change a thing, although there were a few times before the wedding, I was hoping you would change your mind about a few things!! It was perfect and you and Clifton were the perfect couple. It all came together with the help of Joan, Linda, and Lucy, wanting to make it perfect for you. You are beautiful and so are your bridesmaids and friends! Have a wonderful honeymoon and come back safe!