February 27, 2009

booths and bouts

the thing that's keeping me up at night this week (well maybe not literally, but you know, figuratively) = guest book ideas. there are plenty of cute ones. filling out post cards that a trusty moh mails in batches over the next year; writing a wish on a rock or a piece of paper and putting it in a pretty vase for newlywed home display; signing a platter or a picture frame mat. all good ideas. not nearly complicated enough for me. heavens no. let's dream big. courtesy of this wedding at martha stewart dot com:
diy photobooth! yesssssssssssssssssss! real photobooths that shoot out a bunch of black & white photos on a strip are available for rent, but they're a) expensive b) too big and bulky to fit in our venue. i've seen it done with polaroids too, but have you seen how expensive that film is? bummer. so anyway, how cute would it be to hang up a sheet of fun fabric, like so
(minus the dog, because we all know they unfortunately won't be in attendance) and have our goofy guests pose for photos like so
to preserve our wedding memories foreverandalways? presh. the guest book comes into play thus: i envision a big ole book with blank pages with photo corners for inserting said photos and plenteous space next to them for the people in the photos to write sweet nothings for us to treasure. the tiny issue here is how to accomplish it. designate someone to man the camera during the reception? try to set up a self-timer on a tripod? have a photo printer present to create memories immediately? or just print them out and put them in their corresponding slots afterwards? hmmmm...ideas? anyone seen this executed in real life?

in other news, got the proof of our invitations the other day! there are some minor alterations (like how the name of the cathedral is wrong...) but they are pretty darn gorgeous anyway. and yesterday, mom & i met with the florist, which was way more fun and exciting than i ever dreamed. she was full of great ideas, sprinting about from freezer to freezer, grabbing handfuls of fabulous flowers in shades of pink and green and white and making mock-ups of bouquets....so neat!

AND i saw (and am stealing) the most fabulous idea yesterday, from a wedding i believe i saw on style me pretty (i read a shameful bounty of wedding blogs daily...) - fly-fishing boutonnieres!!!! come ca, except most definitely not orange
captain fantastic is an avid fly-fisherman. how perfect? extremely perfect. take a fly and attach it to a bout similar to the one below, in place of the second blossom

here's the best photo that was posted of the groom in the inspiration wedding
what's bad-a about this is that look, he's got a bout with a fly AND a pocket square! and i vote that it's not, as a bridesmaid quoted tim gunn as warning against, "too much look." we plan to outfit the boys with smaller flowers than this too. you dig?


josh@jmalahy.com said...

We can make this happen, piece of cake! Give me a call and we can talk about the details.


Masey said...

I was at a wedding this summer where they had someone taking pics of all the couples/singles/families and then during the reception the guy printed the pics out and there were scrap booking supplies on the table for the guests to get as creative "as they wanted".... I have a note into her about where she found said guy and figured all that out.... will keep you updated! And yes, it is a very cool idea, and came out very well!

la said...

well DUH, the PHOTOgrapher might know something about a PHOTObooth...can you believe the thought never crossed my mind? thanks!