February 19, 2009

lil bits

flowergirls. we have two. my cousin's 6 yr old, his cousin's 4 yr old. they don't come much more precious than these either, lemme tell you. but they need something to wear. our 4 yr old did inform me that she has "the perfect flowered nightgown for the wedding," but slumber party isn't really the theme here.

here's a thing: i don't-so-much love sleeveless fancy dresses on little girls. dunno why. for some reason it looks too grown-up and reminds me of pageant-style exploitation of babes. which is notsomuch the look we're going for here. the look we are going for is a little more tea party (a la j.crew)
slash antique lace (a la strasburg)however. i know that one of said chirins already owns this dress from a previous engagementsleeveless. bummer. in ivory. bummer? not sure. i know someone else will be wearing ivory...

maybe we can work with this. here is how. cue sash, either in the same green as the 'maids or, if i'm really lucky and can find it somewhere, in my vera bradley pattern. or maybe i'll just buy those on-sale pj pants and make my own. so there.

then we will add, and this is cute so stop rolling your eyes mom, this
presh? i think yes. hold on, it gets better. behold:
but here's what's awesome: forever ago, i found a martha stewart post talking about ribbon, and one of the ideas was to tie festive ribbon around your flowergirls' shoes. like above. but with their own shoes. therefore practically free. and adorable. and i put it in my wedding file as a "must do." and now j.crew is selling them. i should totally work in the fashion industry. i know.

speaking of vera bradley, what do we think about turning these into pocket squares for the groomsmen? brilliant and fabulous? a tiny touch of the pattern i love without being unmanly? for the love of goodness, please someone tell me you like this idea. please.


maribeth said...

oh, you are so going to get tired of me because i will now probably comment on everything. i wanted to show you what carter wore for my brother's wedding. it is here: http://www.strasburgchildren.com/hasmdr6.html
she was cuter, but lacked the beautiful curls! love the cardigan and ribbon shoes-we learned the ribbon trick from fancy nancy! if you do the dress with the sash, you have to make your own-those vera bradley pj pants are a steal. buy two! also love the napkin as a pocket square idea. you have to use that fabric somewhere-it was the groundwork for your entire theme. remember, you hope to only do it once, so do it the way you want. i can honestly say as dated as it may look now, i wouldn't change a thing if i were to get married again in may of 1999.

elowman said...

I actually adore the sleeveless dress shown above, with or without the cardigan. Luckily, they'll look too cute any way you go! And if you can convice the boys then go for the napkin turned pocket square. You have a much better chance of winning that one than the tie battle :)

Masey said...
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