February 18, 2009


i went ahead and bought those shoes from payless online last night. i didn't even wait to see if you liked them. it was thoughtless of me, i know, but i figured that heck, i like 'em and will wear 'em in real life even if i find new shoes for The Big Day. i also bought an accessory for after the ceremony when it's past my veil's bedtime. i can't share though, since captain fantastic reads this blog, and it's a SECRET. so shhh. hh. h.

we did a little couples online retail therapy last night as well. FINALLY found a duvet cover j'aime (and he aimes too...though slightly less vehemently), and instead of registering for it and being depressed when they sell out or no one gets it for us, we just went ahead and ordered it. and matching euro shams. and spent an obscene amount of money on a guaranteed dog-proof coverlet to coordinate with and protect said duvet from the big white bedhog. and matching standard shams. SO worth it though. so worth it. here she is (sans dog-proof accoutrements...they are the blueish color "mist," which frigginbetter go)

i digress. back to the wedding. recently i've been thinkin' ceremony decor. i need to figure out how to make inspiration boards like the big kids do so i can show you my vision...again. it's taking shape in my mind as such: monogram + topiaries + silhouette + candles + paper star lanterns + pink, green, white. imma throw in some ribbons and a few flowers for good measure. for lent this year, instead of giving up chocolate like usual (because we all know imma need it this time) i've decided to go the "take something on" route - i shall be creating something every day. there will obvi be a lot of wedding projects, but i've also been hording little craft idea gems i've found on the interweb. i'm excited. i think jesus would approve.

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elowman said...

Love the duvet. We just got a new one too, specifically to cater to the dog hair that accumulates exponentionally. Ah, parenthood.