February 16, 2009

tickled pink (and green)

behold, i have a fan. and i am EXCITED about it. never in my wildest dreams did i think anyone other than my mom would actually read this blog, but apparently another person does. crazytown. guess i'd better step it up with the posting then huh.

i would like to take this opportunity to share the blog-love right back. all you throngs of loyal readers may recall how embarrassingly obsessed i am with our wedding photographer. like that time he managed to see into my soul and suggest that our photo shoot be reminiscent of a j.crew catalog? oh em gee. what you may not know is that i've also managed to become embarrassingly obsessed with his adorable family, via his wife's blog. it is not only filled with precious pictures of their kiddos, but also all sorts of crafty projects that she somehow manages to complete while overseeing the upbringing and daily needs of three small children. i can't wait till she starts bottling that and selling it on etsy. see her post about yours truly that had me squealing with delight yesterday, right here.

i'd also like to take this opportunity to recognize my sister-cousin slash matron of honor as the brains behind captain fantastic's ego-inflating nickname. early in the course of our relationship, she asked me how "captain fantastic" was doing, and i ran with it. apparently cleverness is genetic.

invitation status update: envelopes have been ordered and the calligrapher has been charged with creating the invite, response card + envelope and a shcmancy monogram with myriad uses (thank yous, napkins, decorations, etc). i finally accepted that i do not know how to do calligraphy and should just leave it to the professionals, so no diy wedding logo over here. whatevs. it'll be much nicer this way.

and also, look what iiiiiii foooooound:
at payless for $24.99 at that. whaddawe think?

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