February 10, 2009


i need help tracking down two things:

a) captain fantastic and i are thinking we'd like to have the wedding videotaped for posterity. we're obviously not going to pop it in every night after dinner, but it'd be nice to have. my parents have about 5 minutes of 8mm film of their bridal party walking down the aisle, and it is so fabulous. we'd like to share footage of our big day with our little pebbles in the future. my request is this: know any good videographers? can't find. need help. thanks much.

b) what's the difference between nuptials on the beach and a wedding in a cathedral celebrated by the bishop? shoes. as in, i have to wear some. i'm digging the current trend of colored shoes that coordinate with the bridal party, so i've decided to think pink. satin is probably the most appropriate material. i want something adorable and festive on the toe, like a big bow or flower. enter problem: said shoes cannot exceed 2" in heel height. i don't want to spend my wedding day hobbling around all uncomfy-like. so here is my second request: find me some shoes that look like these:
mated with the hybrid offspring of these:
and these:
and inherited the heel-height of their patent-leather grandma. merci. my other option is to just get plain ballet flats and add some diy embellishment. and nobody wants to see that.

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maribeth said...

i don't have the perfect shoe or videographer, but i did mention you in my blog today, along with a little find i thought you might like. and, i agree i think pink shoes would be fun!