April 10, 2009


yaaaaaaaaay!!! engagement pictures are posted!!! yaaaaaaaaaay!!! yaaaaaaaaay!!! ...... yaaaaaaaaay!!!

you may think the exclamation points are excessive, but that's just because you haven't looked at the pictures yet.

click here to visit j. malahy photography and see the whole shebang. and just go ahead and book josh now for your wedding. finding the groom can wait.

(10 points to the first person to get the sweatband + aviator reference)


elowman said...

Chug and run, baby! Right?

maribeth said...

you are too funny! i think y'all photographed very well. and, we are happy you are so happy with them! i was just excited to see what you looked like-hello, where are the personal pictures???

The said...

Sweatband + aviator = Royal Tanenbaums? Am I right?