April 9, 2009

pretty in pink

look what one of my fav wedding blogs posted today that i saw forever ago on martha before picking the bridesmaid dresses and totally forgot about until just now but HOW PERFECT:
like that cutie on your left? i sure hope so, because you'll be wearing it in june, ladies. well, if you're one of my exorbitant number of bridesmaids you will. otherwise you're free to wear what you will. just keep it classy, this is a family show.

this is about a zillion times better than ms. roboto on the simple silhouettes website, fo sho. so are we excited? i can't heeeear yoooooou. i said ARE WE EXCITED?!

72 days. booyah.


Courtney said...

I love your bridesmaid dresses! I am so jealous! I had no interest in picking mine out because I wouldn't be wearing it so I settled on something boring at J. Crew. Cute, but boring. Oh yeah, and under $200. I forgot about that stipulation.

ema.leigh said...

Cute dresses! I like the one on the right personally, especially for the look that I'm going for.

What's the material?