April 19, 2009

sit down

are you seated? ok good. because you won't believe this. i've actually worked on some wedding projects! gasp! i know.

firstly, the topiaries. on last weekend's super-productive wedding supply shopping spree, mom and i came across an assortment of these babies in various sizes for 50% off:
lovely faux ivy right? notsomuch. but wait, after a little snip-snip...
the perfect blank canvas for some hot moss action. like so:
a bunch of pins and some hot glue later, we have this:
the pink ribbon is for effect...the real deal will be white, and the small speckly green pot will be placed inside a slightly larger terra cotta pot. it ended up saving time and money to get the pre-assembled topiaries instead of a bunch of styrofoam balls and sticks and pots and moss and etcetera and so forth. so there you have it. project topiary = success.

here's a little wedding vignette we assembled, for kicks and giggles:
note the topiary, monogram, azaela blooms, candle and assortment of stones. disregard plastic bags, kitchen cabinets, blue gingham wallpaper and anderson family calendar.

BUT WAIT! I'M NOT FINISHED! behold what else i've accomplished!
i made these by tracing profile pictures on my computer, then coloring them black. still have some tweaking to do, but we're finally making some progress here people. you likey?


Nishta said...

silhouettes are most impressive! you are a crafty goddess.

elowman said...

This might weird you out, but for a split second I thought the male silhouette was of your brother....

Gaines said...

How old were you both in the photos used for the silhouettes? 8? 12? P.S. I am jealous that you and courtney have stuff to blog about everyday, and I do not.

catherine said...

yay! i am excited to see pictures of the real deal rather than google images. silhouettes and topiaries= so you! very cute, puff :)