April 25, 2009

marley (& sterling) and me (& the captain)

we'd been trying to watch that movie for months. we actually went to the theater twice and ended up leaving because it was a madhouse. we were looking forward to it because we each have a dog (one of whom shares a name with the main character), and because on a flight to seattle last spring, we bought the book at the airport and read it together. like at the same time. i learned that captain fantastic is not so fantastically fast at reading. but somehow it worked out.

here they are helping me blog (l: sterl girl, r: marley bear)

last week, it finally arrived via netflix. we proceeded to lock the dogs in the den and force them to snuggle on the couch with us, so we could clutch them and sob into the little shed-machines at the end. and boy did we. such a good movie! if you're a dog-lover, i highly recommend it. but be sure to have some tissues handy.

here they are snuggling the captain on the futon a few months ago

on a wedding-related note, guess what i'm doing today? weddin' thangs! perhaps i'll have another exciting progress report for you tomorrow. until then, here's what we accomplished this week:

*bought a tux for captain fantastic, signed up the groomsmen for rentals
*booked honeymoon room and flight (more on that later)
*sorted out the ring conundrum

thank yall for your input on the rings! you verified the little voice in my head that kept nagging me about wearing the band alone. we went back to the jeweler yesterday and decided to simply re-size the engagement ring and order a new wedding band, kinda like this one:
i admit a smidge of impatience with google recently...none of these rings actually look like my rings, just kinda similar. whatev. anyway, many thanks! and many thanks to richard the jeweler, who promised to get my engagement ring back to me as soon as possible :)


ema.leigh said...

LOVE this ring. Very similar to mine. You won't be disappointed in the style, I'm sure. :)

Courtney said...

Perfect! Exactly what I was thinking! I think you will love that one.

Gaines said...

we sometimes used to fold down our futon for movie night too, until it got relegated to the office per Courtney's "banishing of Gaines' furniture" initiative.

la said...

don't worry gaines, this futon is on its way to the designated man room too. however i like to call it the "creating a home TOGETHER out of things we both like and not stuff we bought in college or picked up off the side of the road" initiative. sounds nicer that way. i will miss it's spaciousness though.