April 29, 2009

to see or not to see

...that is the question. not one i ever thought i'd ask. but here i am. asking it.

a current trend in weddings, as couples become more laid-back/non-traditional and photography becomes more important, is the "first look." this is where the bride and groom, all dolled up and ready to get married, have a few moments together before the ceremony to drink each other in, settle nerves and get excited, then spend a while taking all those couple/bridal party photos that otherwise eat into reception partyfuntime after the ceremony. the getting-pictures-out-of-the-way early part is pretty neato, but what appeals to me these days is the nerve-settling, not-crying-on-the-walk-down-the-aisle-in-front-of-250-people-like-i-will-100%-do-otherwise part.

sweet first look shots from here

(i told my grama the other day that i'm terrified of hysterically crying on my walk down the aisle, and she was like, "why on earth would you do that? i like clifton." not that kind of crying, grama.)

i mean i can't hear a sweet song on the radio or hear the word "husband" or think about my dad or see something white and not get all emotional-like these days. and i think that spending some time with captain fantastic before the ceremony might diffuse some of that emotion so that i don't act like a complete basketcase during the most important hour of my young life. i've always been a strict no-contact-till-we-meet-at-the-altar sort of gal, and the captain is that sort of guy, but now we're not so sure. (the cathedral's wedding planner told me yesterday that we'd do it alone, in the sanctuary, so the captain's first glimpse of me would still be walking down the aisle.)

thoughts? i mean first look thoughts, not why-do-you-always-connect-sentences-with-hyphens thoughts. i realize i have a problem with that.


me said...

guess who has an opinion? oh yeah, it's us. josh has seen it done several ways and it is always very sweet. one daddy even walked his daughter down the aisle to the groom-how sweet! oh, and look i totally do the hyphen thing, too! but, i digress, ultimately, it is up to you and it will work either way, but i understand the fear. and, it all moves so quickly, it is hard to remember. if i had it to do over, i would probably change my mind on that alone. just my thoughts!

josh@jmalahy.com said...

Fun-fact for the day: do you know where the tradition of not seeing the bride before the ceremony originated? Wait for it.....arranged marriages. They were afraid that the groom might bail if he saw her ahead of time. Not that Clifton would do that...you're a lovely girl!

Masey said...

super tough question... if you do it before, we will be waiting, make up in hand, for the after meet/before real wedding powdering of the nose... I'm giving no real help here, but I sympathize with your plight! Oh, and I connect sentences with dot,dot,dots... so no judgment here!

Courtney said...

Gaines is just going to have to wait until the doors open, and I walk down the aisle. I don't care if we are both crying, but I seriously doubt either of us would. So if he can wait, my guests can wait for us to take pictures. Let them eat and drink. And eat again. Then I will arrive.

tricia said...

(I'm catching up on the blog-obv since I'm commenting on past posts. Not sure why I chose now to do it. Anyway!)

BT & I saw each other beforehand. It was still special & here we are 12 years later. Too many people miss out on half of their reception b/c of pictures. So I say go ahead & do it.