April 25, 2009


the week following our wedding, you can find us here:

belize, baby! click the photo to visit the website of victoria house, the place we'll be staying. one of the groomsmen found us some phenomenally-priced plane tickets too...that leave at 6:30 am the day after the wedding. the captain is really excited that we'll get married and leave right away. if you think otherwise, it'd probably be best to keep that information to yourself, as the tickets are already booked. maybe we'll just hit up raifords after the reception and sleep on the plane?

me at louise's bachelorette party at raiford's last may

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tricia said...

I'm laughing that you call Clifton "Captain." I think you should just call him "Fantastic" like on the TV show Chuck. He calls his BIL, "Captain Awesome" or "Awesome" for short. :)