May 29, 2009

new career path?

perhaps not. but i don't think i did too shabby a job at crafting sample bouquets last night. exhibit a:

full-grown white and baby green hydrangeas + hypernicum berries = simple and lovely. if you ask me. which you pretty much did, seeing as how you're reading my blog and all.

here's what the whole ensemble will look like. exhibit b:

i think it's pretty neat. it's even neater in person. trust.

for my bouquet, i'm thinking i want the same thing, but with a bunch of deep pink roses interspersed. i may even nix the green hydrangea from the bridesmaids' bouquets and just go white + berries, then have white + berries + green + roses in mine. the bridesmaids have already got a lotta color going on up in here. (ps i think the plaid ribbon is FAB)

and howsabout this idea: at the reception, the bigger tables will sport the topiary centerpieces. for the smaller tables, i was thinking a glass container with a few flowers and a bunch of candles. what if...these containers held the bridesmaids' bouquets? instead of the cake table holding the bridesmaids' bouquets? like each of the small centerpieces holds, say, a single white hydrangea, and when the bridal party arrives, each girl adds her bouquet to the mix? i heart multitasking.

i am getting ready to type up and sketch out a comprehensive opus slash architectural rendering of my vision for ceremony and reception decorations. i don't think i'll share it here though. a girl has to keep a little mystery, right?


Anonymous said...

i was so right about the plaid ribbon! yes ma'm, i totally called that one :) bouquets look fab--I do like the green hydrangea, but I've always been a fan. nice work!

me said...

i love hydrangeas! ask josh it is the only plants i tend to in our yard. is that you in the bridesmaid's dress holding the bouquet?? you are too funny! is it like a mini reception at your house all the time? i bet you have those stars hanging somewhere in your house, too! and, you are right, it is going to look beautiful!

Louise said...

did you really do that bouquet yourself? that is so pretty, and i am so impressed! i thought you were joking that you put it together (because it is that awesome), and i had to read the post over and over again to get it. also, i am so embarrassed that i crashed those pictures. HEY - let me know when you do the topiaries. i want to come!