October 23, 2008

black & white & adorable all over

my second favorite personalized wedding embellishment (after the requisite monogram) is: the silhouette. i think they're super chic, super pretty and super neato. guess what i've discovered? they're also super easy to make! woohoo! thank you photoshop. now to make an actual, good silhouette, you have to take a picture, in profile, in front of a white wall. since i keep forgetting to pin down my enfianced for this venture and therefore do not have proper photos, i played around with a few photos i already had, just for funsies. both pictures (from lou & j's wedding) had dark backgrounds, so the outline didn't come out so crisp, but i think they're pretty cute anyway. these are not the actual silhouettes i want to use, but you get the idea.

how festive and party-like is this?
i hate this picture because my neck resembles that of jabba the hut, but the pose is adorable, and i think captain fantastic looks pretty handsome
don't you just wanna kiss him? i do.

here are some things we could do with them:

programs...with the monogram, of course
coasters...i could diy these puppies with some silk-screening supplies and some chipboard coasters from a craft store on the cheap. for some reason i really love personalized wedding coasters - one of those completely unnecessary touches that just makes me clap my hands with glee. i'm thinking three different patterns: me, captain fantastic, our monogram.

how cute are these cookies? probably a little labor-intensive, but adorable nonetheless.
so one of these days, i'm going to get my camera, camp out in front of a section of white wall, and take a few dozen headshots to get this ball rolling for real. any other ideas of items just begging to bear an outline of my face?


josh@jmalahy.com said...

Remind me when we do your engagement session...I'll find you a nice white wall and grab a few good headshots for you!

Kate said...

the idea of eating a cookie in the shape of your head kind of freaks me out. i like your face far too much to consume it.

la said...

thanks josh - great idea!

noted, kate. i hadn't though of that before, but now that you mention it...maybe we'll nix the cookie idea...

MArie said...

LOVE IT!!!!! It would be cute to do one with los perros as well. always must include the dogs, right?? :)

la said...

marie, you are a genius. this is how i know i'm marrying into a good family ;)

mom said...

Does anyone else see many last minute, sleepless nights in my future?
I agree with Kate. One of my four year olds once brought cookies with her real picture on it. It was cute, but sort of creepy.

Louise said...

like the dogs idea!

catherine said...

the only thing better than eating your face would be eating your dogs' faces! yummm.