October 30, 2008

you're invited...

...to help me. surely someone who loves me dearly can write like this
or this
or this
or this
yes? anyone? k great. imma need you to write out our invitation text, to be printed a la these, with our monogram and/or silhouettes at the top:

and also our return address, to be made into a stamp and stamped on our invitations a la this:
aaaaaaand of course the individual addresses on the envelopes. that'd be super. the good news is we aren't having a seated dinner, so we won't have escort cards or any such foolishness. and also, you're off the hook for buying us this, or something equally awesome that will be on our registry (whenever we get around to actually making one...)


MArie said...

i might be able to help you with that. if not my friend virginia (soon to be Pleasants) does calligraphy for work so she might be able to figure something out if you want

tricia said...

very pretty samples, lala. you've seen my handwriting...i don't think i qualify.

Louise said...

i am the pits, but i do know you can pay someone to do all the above. paper house ( i gave you the card for it, has a studio place in her garage) has people she gets to do that stuff. millsaps girl had someone handwrite all of her invitations. they were beautiful!