October 9, 2008

dessert before dinner...typical

one of the more prominent effects of wedding planning that i'm currently suffering is an extreme craving for cake. nevermind the fact that for two weeks i've only been able to eat pretzels and toast (thanks to a digestive system that hates me) - i get daily, overwhemling urges to stuff my face with fondant and buttercream and orange-champagne filled devil's food and the like. yum. good thing muddy's bake shop is not on my drive home, or i'd have to do as the bishop suggested and put expandable panels in my wedding gown.

first i must confess that i love fondant. everyone knows it looks amazing, but i actually happen to love the taste and texture of it too. call me a freak. i have gazed longingly at fondant-covered cake art for years, and couldn't wait until the day when i could commission my very own. that day has come, folks. yesterday, mom told me that she's finally tracked down THE Cake Lady of memphis, and she is available for our wedding. woohoo! cue wedding cake blog post.

the first cake i ever fell in love with was this one:
love the flowers, love the colors, love it all. iffy on the shape though. i haven't decided whether i'm a round gal or a square gal yet. i'm leaning round. but definitely not octagon.

then there's this cake, which is simple and sweet and "me," minus the color scheme, which can obviously be corrected:
maybe with some flowers on top? i think it goes without saying that a monogram will be involved...even though i just said it. and no crystal-encrusted metal letters on top either. ew. gimmie something tasteful, un-sparkly and on the side of the cake itself, please.

of course i also drool over fabulous, intricate details like these (especially the blue & white one, gah):
...but fabulous intricate details are expruhnsive. and then they get eaten.

so what about a combo of the first two cakes? something like this:
maybe with more swiss dots and less flowers?

i'm hongry.


catherine said...

love the dots. love the flowers. i would definitely go round... but actually...melissa's was square and it was very classic looking. so either one could look great. you are making me hungry too. i think imma go get some ice cream...

elowman said...

Oooh...Loving the ribbon and dots. Yes to less flowers. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CAKE! Unlike at my wedding, I will actually get a piece of this one and enjoy it!