October 6, 2008

bridesmaids reprise

i found this today and had to post it. sashes that i want + cause that is good = perfect. they don't come in apple green, or any shade of green, but they do come in white, which i'm starting to think i like better anyway? but seriously look how cute - with one of those rosettes attached, come on!
the website is www.whiteaisle.com - they print invitations, sell bridal jewelry and sell these cambodian silk sashes. you can click the picture to see the page on their site. what do we think?

also, mom says my beloved lilly dress from friday's post is "too casual" for a wedding in a cathedral. but they're made of silk shantung! nothing made of silk shantung to too casual! i refuse to believe that this dress is more casual than the strapless one, which is apparently acceptable. maybe if we did as i suggested in the last post and had a couple of different styles? i have fabric samples on their way to me in the mail, so we'll see if i'm satisfied with the color choices, then maybe we'll do a favorite-style-survey.

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