October 21, 2008

lovely letters

i found these on etsy.com a while ago, and they spell how i feel about them. i'm thinking monogram. like the flower-covered-ribbon-hanging monogram or the middle-of-a-wreath monogram from the last decorations post. how hard could this be to make? anyone good with wire?


elowman said...

Those letters rock. I am not at all good with wire though. But I lend my undying support.

Katie said...

oh helllooooo... guess who found you care of a friendly friend who thought i may be interested in reading your crazy rambles? me!

you're ideas are awesome-o. in all seriousness, great vision and you're editing well - at least from what I can tell here. there is nothing i love better than giving my opinion on design related things so if you want it i'm here for help!! luh ya

to blaaaaade