October 10, 2008

bridesmaids, take three

ok. bridesmaid dresses again. this blog is thus far bridesmaid-dress-heavy, but that's kinda the point. bear with me. first of all i would like to thank kate's workplace for making an ad for a bridal magazine, thus necessitating kate's spending the afternoon perusing magazines for "inspiration" and helping me revisit some sites i had forgotten. i wish i were kate's assistant.

so here are a few other dresses i'd seen before, liked, then forgotten about come blog-post time. same color rules apply (ie bright-yet-tasteful shade of pink with a green or white sash). click on the pictures to visit the websites and see the full dresses and color swatches if you'd like.

there's this one, which is similar to the one i love that mom doesn't love:
and this one, which has a more structured-pleaty neckline (technical fashion term):

aaaaaand these ones, which have a variety of necklines and a cool style of skirt:
you can check out all of the silhouettes on that last website; they're all pretty neat. that could be an option for an everyone-picking-their-own-style-in-the-same-color deal.

so, some more options to mull over. i've requested fabric swatches from all of the above sites and have received swatches for the first strapless dress and the lilly dress from the first post. i know i've put a lot of energy into this, and it's really not the end-all-be-all of the world, but i want yall to a) be happy b) look cute c) fit in with my big vision....and we all know i can't make decisions to save my life. so there you have it.

oh and sashes are still a go. i think sashes will work with any of the options i've presented. i think we'll have to have a vote soon. or in 2-3 weeks when my swatches arrive...

and now, for something completely different, i am off to load up in this monstrosity
excuse me, amazing vintage vehicle, with captain fantastic and the pups for a camping & fishing weekend with mr. and mrs. biedenharn. i am taking long johns & a sweatshirt, what with it being october and all, and hope i'll have occasion to use them. yay fall!


Kate said...

my job does have its perks at times

Mom said...

I have decided to venture into an unfamiliar area. I have never blogged nor left a comment. However, I am joining the "peeps" to protect my good name....mom. It is the job of the mother of the bride to help her precious daughter during this time of great fun and stress, and keep her from making any unfortunate decisions. We usually agree on most things, so I don't foresee any major problems.....right lala?

tricia said...

since i am not a bridesmaid (thank GOD!!!), i really have no opinions about dresses. i do encourage the bridesmaids to voice theirs. speak now or forever hold your peace.

Anonymous said...

Who is that dumpy looking guy?