October 2, 2008

taking the plunge...into the blogosphere

i did it. i started a blog. about wedding planning. i am excited.

for some reason it took me approximately two weeks to work up the courage and pick the name. because i am a nerd, one with a tendency to stew and an allergy to decisions. there were many suggestions involving the dog's names, my favorite colors and patterns, my soon-to-be-mrs. moniker, etc. my betrothed made the following suggestion:
"i have a good one! how about 'lauren gets stoned' - get it! you marry me, my last name is stone, your last name changes to…..never mind." i had to pass on that one though, as i'm only a dash of hippie; the kind of dash that comes from liking the outdoors, wanting to be more eco-friendly and still carrying traces of my sophomore year of college.

this blog came about when, after spending hours perusing wedding blogs, i realized that i, too, could have my very own, and it just might be a genius tool for keeping my slightly-ginormous bridal party abreast of my planning. because i know yall wait with bated breath for my next installment of wedding inspiration :) but just because this blog is for my nearest and dearest doesn't mean i can't do fun blog things, like only refer to my fiancé by a nickname. i'm thinking i'll use the one that my cousin created and likes to use, because it's cute and it makes me feel like i'm marrying a superhero (which i just might be) - captain fantastic. fabulous. he may prefer that i refer to him by his trail crew nickname, c-murda, or some other, manlier slash sketchier name, but too bad. my blog, my rules.

and so, without further ado, my first wedding blog post. today's topic: monograms. love them. need one. made one. i couldn't find my artsy paper and had to use a notebook, and my photographic skills last night were obviously lacking, but you get the point. it's a rough draft.

so that's the pre-marital monogram, for invitations, programs, etcetera. the post-marital monogram, for whatever i decide needs embellishment at the reception, shall contain a better-looking slash designed version of this:

i think i need a new camera. anyhoo, there you have it. what do we think - badass, yes?


cho-transience said...

cute ideas, puff! i like the monograms. looking forward to being able to keep up with all your plans.

elowman said...

You and your wedding blog are totally badass. And when I say/type badass, it is akin to a 70-year-old white male business banker in a suit saying "What up my homies", while throwing out the Westside hand sign.

Mandy said...

if i ever get married i assure you that you will hired to do all the artsy stuff that goes along with weddings . . . im still not sure what that all entails but this amazing blog will definitely help! i wish i had 1/1000 of your creativeness. the monogram looks wonderful!