May 22, 2009

bridal shower extravaganza!

if bridal showers were like actual showers, i'd be pretty clean this week.

first, three bridesmaids and their moms hosted a shower for bridesmaids + moms + female relatives at the inn at hunt phelan, which was FAB. you know i mean it, because i hardly ever use capital letters. this is me with the hostesses (and louise, she just likes to have her picture taken):

no, i don't know what possessed me to stand like that. thanks for making fun of me though.

here i am eating brunch with my future-sister-in-law. i like this picture because it is a good example of why people always tell us we look alike:

here are the prettiest flowers ever in the world of all time:

and here they are again. oh, and my godmother and mom and me too:

today, my coworkers hosted a shower for me at the office. mom & captain fantastic were invited. it was one of the best days of work ever, because i got to drink wine at noon and spend the afternoon giving everyone a facebook and blogging tutorial. no really. and i'd been planning that for weeks.

here's my boss surveying the table of delicious food prepared by his son's catering company and pretty flowers cut from his wife's garden. you probably can't see the purple shirt from here, but he's kind of a big deal. i feel like since the bishop prays over my staff meetings and bridal showers, maybe jesus doesn't mind that i sometimes skip church for two or eleven weeks in a row.

here the captain and i enjoy noontime glasses of wine with another bishop, this time in oil-painting form:

my mom gave us these cute mugs that say "i do" and "me too." the captain will probably drink coffee from his. i will definitely eat ice cream from mine.

i like this picture of us opening the awesome food processor from my coworkers because look how excited captain fantastic is. he probably thinks this will encourage my new found desire to bake, and then he'll get cookies all the time. perhaps...

i'd also like to give a shout-out to our first shower-type activity. two bridesmaids hosted a cocktail party for bridesmaids + groomsmen + parents a few days before christmas, and it was a really good time. you want to see pictures? i thought so.

here i am with the hostesses (this time louise actually belonged in the picture):

and here i am with the captain back when he had his handsome seasonal beard:

and here i am with my dad and his favorite rubber santa bolo tie (that's where i get my festiveness):

apparently, at that party i only wanted pictures of myself. there were also guests, drinks, food and prezzies.

being engaged is pretty awesome. people are always really excited for you, and friends and family make such generous showings of love and support. it's really humbling and really wonderful. thank you all so very much!

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