May 5, 2009


ever since captain fantastic popped the question, i've been feeling the urge to get rill domestic. from obsessively vacuuming to learning to sew to baking cookies from scratch, i channel my inner martha on a regular basis. so i'm really excited that a fabulously talented high school friend of mine launched a fabulously awesome, well-written, accessible-to-even-non-cooks food blog today! it is! actually, it is the technically. you should go there right now and read it and love it and bookmark it and check it often and make friends with nishta before she becomes a famous author so maybe you can get her to sign a copy of her book and say you knew her when.



Nishta said...

I stopped by to see what was new in wedding-land & found this instead! thank you for the extremely generous introduction.

tricia said...

Awww, what a sweet promo for Nishta. And I agree - can't wait to try her recipes!