May 27, 2009

solution the great lantern conundrum. behold:

18" of paper mache celestial loveliness. and it just so happens to be the same as the 2" stars we got at hobby lobby for the baby's breath garland idea. which, you know, promotes unity and branding and cohesion etc and so forth. i'd like to hang some of these with the round paper lanterns that are en route to my house from an asian import company as we speak. or type and read, as the case may be.

then there is this:

which is the same thing in garland form and could be used with the baby's breath garland instead of the individual stars, which could then be strewn about the rest of the decorations. for more cohesion. and for clarification, i'm thinking more martha-stewart-meets-country-living-chic, less 14-yr-old-tie-dye-and-lava-lamp celestial here. yes?

then again, i could collect a bunch of magnolia leaves from various parks and yards and craft them into something like this

instead of the baby's breath. this could also be draped around the cake table like so

and around the candles on the mantle like such

but with less of a yuletide flair. yay or nay?


me said...

i can't wait to see how you tie it all together!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I think I still vote for baby's breath...magnolia cool in theory but I've heard it's very difficult to work with and dries out super-easily. at least baby's breath is already dried!