May 8, 2009

never fear

...we decided to go with patriotism in the stamp department. my dad was all, "but this is a WEDDING and those are WEDDING rings..." and i was all, "remember how you suggested we jazz up the topiary pots with wrapping paper like the do with christmas poinsettias?" pops is the brains of the operation; let's leave the creative aspect to the ladies.

i haven't had much wedding project posting going on up in hura, mainly because the wedding project that's currently consuming me is supertopsecret. but i will share when the time is right (as in, after the wedding). and yall are going to just roll your little eyes at how ridiculous i am for coming up with and trying to complete projects like this.

apologies for being a blog slacker.

on the to-do list for the coming week:

*attend baby brother's college graduation tomorrow (awww)
*meet with organist to determine ceremony music
*meet with florist to finalize floristy things
*get together supplies for photobooth guestbook extravaganza
*design and cut out foam letters to cover with moss
*order moss for topiaries/letters
*have a supa-fab bridal shower hosted by 3 bridesmaids + moms next saturday
*bbq fest-it-up with the captain's team as time allows

finally, i have reevaluated my feelings for baby's breath. i have seen a lot of arrangements of it by itself recently, and me gusta. and i have decided that i want to do this

via here

but nix the birds and do clusters of these awesome little paper mache stars from hob-lob in the corners and the center. and hang it atop and around the big doorway leading into the reception room, which i tried to find a picture of but apparently if you don't sign in with your member information on the club's website you're not even allowed to see what the club looks like. how exclusive. anyway, garland: yes?


me said...

ooooooo, i love, love, love that garland from once wed! i feel the same way about baby's breath, but how cute IS that!

Nishta said...

agreed--I'm reevaluating my baby's breath feelings as well! this garland is lovely. have a great bridal shower, and I can't believe your brother is graduating from high school!