May 19, 2009


remember that time i was all "i don't really care that much about flowers...?" enter this past saturday, when three bridesmaids and their mothers hosted a fabulous bridal shower for me at the inn at hunt phelan and decorated the tables with big silver julep cups full of enormous pink peonies. now, i DO really care that much about flowers. so much that i carry my own personal favor arrangement from the shower around the house with me so that i may admire it wherever i am. (pictures of the shower forthcoming, as i haven't downloaded them from my camera yet)

cue incessant worry and hyperventilation about wedding flowers.

in the interest of not losing my mind over something i really did not anticipate losing my mind over, let's discuss. i've decided that my watermelon-dress-with-pear-sash bridesmaids should carry predominantly white flowers, with some greenery for good measure. perhaps like one of these:

the flower girls will wear halos of spray roses and hypernicum berries and carry matching pint-sized nosegays like big girls (since one flowergirl recently informed me that in an upcoming wedding she'll be wearing high heels with "bling," and how can i compete with that?) comme ca:

since i am a fan of festive accessories (not a purse or pair of shoes to my name in a sensible color like black or brown), i think my flowers should have some serious pink. maybe something like this (but with the non-white flowers being pink instead of orange & purple):

or this, but with some white interspersed:

for all of the ladies (including myself) i super love bouquets with big, fluffy bows, kinda like so:

and for the gents, simple bouts made of one or two small blooms (spray roses?) with hypernicum berries and the fly-fishing flies, arranged thusly (i realize this is not spray roses with hypernicum berries...use your imagination):

so now we move on to the question and answer portion of the program. bouts: white or pink? or pink for groomsmen and white for groom (who is likely going to have a pink tie)? and bouquets: can i use my beloved plaid ribbon, or is that too much?

and don't even get me started on centerpieces. we'll save that post for another day...

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BlueJeanGourmet said...

you HAVE to do the plaid ribbon! don't you?? especially since you're going for white b-maid bouquets.

I like the pink-for-groomsmen and white-for-groom idea (and love that you're doing flies!)

and, of course, a pink bouquet for la. how could it be any other way? predominantly pink w/ white accent flowers or berries & that pretty, bright green so that your bouquet mirrors the bridesmaids dresses.

what fun! yay flowers! yay you're getting married soon!