May 13, 2009

a plea + a tutorial

this is a semblance of my vision for the area behind the band at the reception, if you will recall. and this is what i want to get to bring that vision to life:

the problem is, i can only find this type of star lantern at one store on the whole, wide interweb, and they have been back ordered since march and will be through july!!!! nooooooooooo!!! anybody out there know of another place where i could find these or something similar? i want plain, natural-colored paper with zero cut-outs or ad-ons or anything else ridiculous. just tasteful, plain star lanterns as featured above. and don't gimme no, because they're the ones who are back ordered. we're in a fight.

plan b:

these irregular-ribbed natural round lanterns in various sizes. i will be happy with these. but i'd be happier with some stars! the round lanterns would also be a sad reminder to one of my bridesmaids of how her carefully-orchestrated lantern and twinkle light display dissolved in a freak thunderstorm two hours before her outdoor reception. and nobody wants that. so anybody got any juicy star lantern leads?

...which brings us to part deux of this post: a tutorial. on reply cards. specifically the ones in my wedding invitations. they read "the favor of a reply is requested by june 1st" and are otherwise blank. the idea being that my clever and creative friends and family would write or draw something clever and creative letting us know if they're coming or not. ... apparently i overestimated the cleverness and creativeness of part of the guest list, because i've been getting a lot of questions. we even got back one card completely blank. in a moment of forethought, we numbered the cards to correspond with the rsvp spreadsheet, so we know who sent it. we just don't know if they're coming or not. oops. don't let this happen to you. be like the dozens of people who wrote something sweet or funny or downright hilarious, or even the people who wrote a note to bob & lauren, not realizing that robert clifton goes by his middle name (obviously someone on the bride's side...). don't be like blankcardguy. c'mon, i know you're clever....


me said...

do they have white??? if so, you can use water color to paint them whateva color your little heart desires! i did this last year with some small round lanterns leftover from carter's fancy nancy party. i painted them orange and made pumpkins like martha but for nada! there are pictures on my blog if you would like to seeunder october 2008.

btw, love the blank response card idea!

Courtney said...

No help on the stars, but I love the idea! Oops on the response card. I did not even think to be creative! Silly me, but I don't think even if I did have something witty to say, I could have spoiled that beautiful card with anything less than the appropriate wording!